Tomo is a restaurant in White Center.

We serve eclectic Japanese-American cuisine and serious wine in a former adult video store. 

Chef Brady Ishiwata Williams’ menus are personal and feature outstanding local ingredients prepared simply and with confidence.



Brady Ishiwata Williams is a self-taught chef who began his career at his grandparents’ SoCal diner, Phillip’s Pot Pies. He cooked at restaurants across the country before landing in Brooklyn to serve as executive sous chef at Roberta’s and the two-Michelin starred Blanca. The last six years of his work life were dedicated to the executive chef role at the iconic Seattle restaurant Canlis. Recent accolades include a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Northwest (2019), Food and Wine Best New Chef (2018), and a James Beard Nomination for Rising Star Chef (2017). He began developing Tomo, his first restaurant as owner/chef in late 2020.

Born and raised in Venezuela and inspired by her grandma's cooking, Diana took her culinary skills to the next level at Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid. She gained professional experience in restaurants in Mexico City and Caracas before moving to NYC, where she worked at Cosme and Blanca. Desiring a change of scenery led her to Seattle where she joined the team at Canlis as a sous chef. Diana seeks to bring her passion for food and heritage to Tomo.

Jessica has dedicated her career to creating extraordinary experiences for public audiences. She developed and ran programs at the Museum of Glass (Arts Connect), Path with Art, Seattle University, MOHAI, and The New Foundation Seattle. She has also organized art exhibitions around the US and Canada, and executed special projects in family office settings. She is invested in the circulation of radical ideas and serves on Short Run Comix & Arts Festival’s board. As Managing Partner at Tomo, she provides strategic and creative direction, drives innovation, and fosters business growth. 

Madison was raised in the greater Seattle area and fell in love with hospitality while she was at University of Washington studying political science with visions of becoming a lawyer. Realizing that a legal career would not feed her soul the same way hospitality could, she made the decision to continue working in fine dining after college. Following an impressive run at Canlis, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as the director of event operations for a luxury hotel. Now back home, Madison is delighted to welcome guests to Tomo in her debut role as a major playmaker for Seattle's favorite restaurant. Go Hawks! 

Andy was born and raised in Louisville, KY. He studied literature and art at Oberlin before moving to NYC, where he was awarded a fellowship at The Whitney Museum and played music in bands. His love of wine started at GQ, where he edited the title’s online coverage of food/drink, fashion, and travel for six years. Over the last decade he moved to Seattle, built a career as a creative director, and met Brady. Their friendship created a space for him to formally pursue his passion for wine. Wine allows Andy to connect with others through creativity, discovery, and hospitality. Andy champions wines made in small quantities by dedicated, responsible artisans—and is honored to share them at Tomo.

Rebar Niemi loves to pour wines with personality and unique characteristics. At Tomo he contributes to a wine program that inspires guests and lends itself to having a great time in the company of friends. Rebar previously worked in technology and education.


Tomoko Ishiwata Bristol - Brady's grandmother

Tomo is named after Brady’s grandmother, Tomoko Ishiwata Bristol, whose cooking remains his greatest source of inspiration. Tomo is Japanese for “pal” or “friend.”

“What does it mean to be a friend?”

This question is at the center of everything we do.